L&A Celebrates 30th Anniversary in 2015
Dr. William T. Lawhon, a family man, military veteran, scientist at Battelle Memorial Institute and entrepreneur, founded Lawhon & Associates in ...

Charles A. Wilson

Vice President

Mr. Wilson joined L&A in 1993 and has 27 years of experience managing hazardous materials and remediation projects. He has personally completed more than 1,000 asbestos surveys for a variety of clients including government institutions, schools, industrial facilities and commercial properties and completed AHERA inspections for more than 100 districts. Chuck is also experienced in Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), having supervised the completion of over 2,000 Phase I ESAs, and understands the requirements required to meet LEED credits SSp2 (Environmental Site Assessment) and SSc3 (Brownfield Redevelopment). He is certified with the Ohio Department of Health as an Asbestos Hazard Evaluation Specialist, an Asbestos Hazard Abatement Specialist, and an Asbestos Project Designer. Mr. Wilson is a voting member of the American Standard of Testing and Materials Committee E-50 on Environmental Assessments, and has received Confined Space Entry Training, 40 Hour Health & Safety Training (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response), and 36-Hour Certified Tank Installer Training.


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