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Occupant Exposure Evaluation

Westland High School Odor Investigation


Lawhon performed an indoor air quality assessment of Westland High School after complaints of an objectionable odor and subsequent adverse health effects were reported by occupants. L&A mobilized to the site within hours of the second facility evacuation to assist the District, Fire Department and Engineering Consultant in identifying potential building and/or system sources of the odor. Concurrently, a comprehensive investigation strategy was developed to identify and quantify exposures to a wide range of potential contaminants – carbon dioxide, temperature, relative humidity, carbon monoxide, chlorine, airborne particulate, metals, volatile organic compounds, aldehydes and reduced sulfur compounds – throughout the affected areas of the building during varying stages of operation. Data collected during each sampling event indicated the contaminants of concern were within acceptable limits and, with Franklin County Health Department concurrence, the building could be safely reoccupied. Throughout the initial investigation and post-occupancy sampling, we prepared interim reports within 24 hours of receipt of analytical results to allow the district to respond to questions and concerns from students, parents and staff. L&A also participated in press conferences and public meetings to assist the district to communicate findings and respond to technical questions.