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History/Architecture Resources Survey

History/Architecture Resource Survey

Stark County Regional Planning Commission

L&A completed a Survey of History/Architecture Resources in North Canton, Ohio as part of the Stark County Area Transportation Study. The report was submitted to the Stark County Regional Planning Commission and was to be utilized during the planning process for transportation projects and determining potential for adverse effects to significant historic resources by those proposed. The study area for the project was divided into eleven areas within Stark and Summit counties that make up the greater North Canton area. Within each of the eleven designated areas, a literature review and windshield survey was conducted. During the literature review, it was established which of the areas was already well documented and which required additional work. During the windshield survey, each of the eleven areas was evaluated for potential historic resources and or districts that had not been previously documented. Recommendations were then made as to what the level of preservation efforts would be considered appropriate in each area, as well as which areas should be given the highest priority based on the integrity of its intact resources.