Environmental Resource Evaluation
Lead Soil Sampling

State Route 821 Slide Repairs


This project involved realignment of a portion of State Route 821 in Washington County due to roadway slippage. L&A was contracted to perform an environmental resource evaluation of a proposed waste area and associated haul road to ensure potential impacts to cultural and ecological resources, public lands, FEMA 100-year floodplain and hazardous waste materials were evaluated, as required in ODOT’s 2013 Construction and Materials Specification manual. The 12 acre study area was located in a steeply sloped grassed and wooded area at an operational gun club.Through a field survey and records review, L&A determined there were no ecological resources or cultural resources present, and the site was not located within the FEMA mapped 100 year floodplain or on public lands. The surficial soil at the site, however, may have been contaminated by lead shot given the current shooting range operations. L&A recommended that the soils containing lead be tested to determine delineate the vertical and horizontal extent of lead contaminated soils. The sampling results, obtained using an XRF instrument, identified lead in the soil at concentrations above the OEPA Voluntary Action Program Generic Direct Contact Soil Standard. It was recommended that topsoil be removed to a depth of 6 inches where waste material is to be deposited in accordance with the US EPA document, Best Management Practices for Lead at Outdoor Shooting Ranges. A detailed report of findings was prepared in a format suitable for submission to ODOT, within two weeks of each site visit.