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South Compound Tank Closure


L&A was contracted by Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities (FCBDD) to develop the specifications for the complete closure of the fueling systems for the South Compound facility in Columbus, Ohio. The site was previously utilized by FCBDD for the storage and fueling of transportation buses and other vehicles.Prior to preparing project specifications, L&A performed a walkthrough of the site to better understand the configuration and condition of the UST system. All components were intact and in good working order, with no evidence of staining or spills in the vicinity of the fueling station. A complete technical specification was prepared to remove the 10,000 gallon double walled – fiberglass reinforced plastic tank containing diesel fuel, the 10,000 gallon double walled – fiberglass reinforced plastic tank containing gasoline and the associated piping and dispensers. L&A worked with FCBDD through the bid process and assisted in the evaluation of bids and contractor selection. Lawhon and the selected contractor mobilized to the site in March of 2013 to decontaminate and remove residual product, designated equipment, excavate surrounding soil and backfill the cavity. The tank cavity and stockpiled material were screened and sampled to confirm potential contaminants were below all BUSTR re-use levels prior to soil replacement and disposal.At project completion, L&A prepared and submitted the Closure Assessment Form required by State Fire Marshal’s Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR) on behalf of FCBDD and obtained a No Further Action (NFA) status for the UST system at this site.