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Microbial Contamination Assessment
Remediation Plan Development
Third Party Oversight
Clearance Sampling

Sewage Release


During a sanitary line replacement project, a temporary system failure caused thousands of gallons of raw sewage to flood seventeen (17) homes. Following emergency response activities, Lawhon was contacted by the City and their counsel to assist them with the development of an inspection and testing plan to determine whether residual sewage contamination remained an issue at these residences at the completion of initial clean-up activities.Over a two week period, L&A met individually with each homeowner to understand their concerns and to conduct a detailed walkthrough of impacted areas of their homes. Letter reports detailing recommendations for additional inspection or remediation were generated within 72 hours of each site visit to facilitate the timely decontamination and reconstruction at each residence. Where necessary, L&A returned to complete additional microbial sampling to evaluate whether suspect or contested items – including HVAC components, building materials, appliances and personal items – had been contaminated. Based on the findings, supplemental reports detailing the appropriate remedial action were prepared for submittal to the insurance carrier handling the third party claim. Because the extent of contamination and the items/materials affected varied widely from house to house, the inspection and remediation approach was tailored to the conditions and concerns of each resident.We were also responsible for developing testing strategies to validate remaining building materials, mechanical components and personal contents were free of fungal or bacterial contamination and the air quality within the areas affected was acceptable for building occupancy at the completion of remediation activities.Throughout the remediation process, which at some homes involved the removal of virtually all finish materials and HVAC components, L&A worked closely with the City, the homeowners and the cleaning/construction contractors to mitigate unforeseen conditions and ensure each residence was decontaminated in the safest and most effective manner.At the completion of remediation efforts at each residence, comprehensive closeout documents were prepared and submitted to the City and each homeowner detailing the inspection, remediation and clearance testing approach and findings should future claims arise or to satisfy property disclosure requirements. All seventeen homes were successfully remediated and reoccupied.