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Hazardous Building Materials Survey
Lead-Based Paint Inspection


Phase II ESA

Riverview Retirement Center Renovation


National Church Residences plans to renovate the Riverview Retirement Center located in Portsmouth, Ohio. Lawhon was selected to complete both a hazardous building materials survey and an environmental site assessment (ESA) at the property. Because these buildings are defined as a “structure” by HUD and the Ohio Department of Health, a lead-based paint inspection was also required. The Biggs House was constructed in 1872 and the Washington House was constructed in 1900. Both buildings had undergone multiple renovations over the last century. Prior to completing the survey, L&A reviewed as built drawings and interviewed persons knowledgeable of building systems and the planned renovation scope. All accessible and functional spaces were then surveyed, and suspect materials sampled, to determine if they were asbestos-containing. L&A also tested painted surfaces using an XRF instrument to determine if lead-based paint was present. In addition to hazardous building materials, there was also potential for subsurface contamination from a former filling station located on an adjacent property. Concurrent with the building survey, soil borings were advanced at the site to evaluate concentrations of lead, total petroleum hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons at the site.The hazardous materials assessment and site investigation determined that the following issues would need to be addressed as part of the building renovation project: asbestos-containing materials and surfaces with lead-based. Recommendations relative to the proper abatement of these materials, as well as the estimated costs to do so, were provided for project planning purposes.