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Hazardous Materials Survey
Abatement Design/Specifications

Rieveschl Hall Renovation


Rieveschl Hall houses research labs, teaching labs, classrooms and office space on the University of Cincinnati main campus. Lawhon, as a subconsultant to the A/E teams selected, to provide hazardous materials consulting services for Phase 3/4 and Phase 5 of the building renovation project. The scope of our services included review of existing environmental documentation and hazardous materials surveys to identify and quantify asbestos-containing materials that would need to be abated as part of the renovation project. L&A also assessed the renovation areas for lead-based paint, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), mercury, refrigerants and other hazardous chemicals/substances. A comprehensive design package, including abatement specifications, drawings and bid forms, was prepared. Due to the presence of spray applied fireproofing on ceiling deck and supports, and the secondary contamination of underlying substrates from fallen debris, the asbestos hazard abatement cost for Phase 3/4 and Phase 5 were $695,000 and $199,000, respectively.