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Ecological Resource Desktop Review


Cultural Resource Desktop Review

Olentangy Trail Alignment Study


L&A completed a desktop level ecological and cultural resource records review for three conceptual trail alignments on the east and west side of the Olentangy River that would connect the existing Olentangy Tail terminus at Worthington Hills Park to Highbanks Metropark. Ecologically sensitive areas were identified in each of the three proposed trail alignments. Additionally, all three trail alignments were within 1,000 feet of the State Scenic Olentangy River and two alignments traversed the Edward F. Hutchins State Nature Preserve, both of which would require additional coordination with ODNR. An analysis of each of the alignment’s potential impact to NWI and OWI mapped wetlands, rivers/ streams, known records of threatened and endangered species and encroachment into the floodplain or other protected areas was performed to assist the project team in evaluating which alignment would have the least impact to ecological resources. It was determined that Alignment A would have the least impact and require the least amount of additional coordination with ODNR as it does not pass through the nature preserve. In addition to a letter report of findings, L&A also prepared detailed mapping for each task to illustrate the location of identified resources for use by the project team and Columbus Metroparks during public meetings. This assignment, as well as the concurrent cultural resource records review, was completed within 21 days of notice to proceed.