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New Patient Care Tower


This project involves the construction of a 250 bed patient tower on the existing Dayton Children’s Hospital campus. In order to construct this tower, the structures in and around the courtyard needed to be demolished. Demolition work, and future construction activities, would occur in close proximity to the air intakes for HVAC units servicing critical patient care areas in addition to building entrances. This led to concerns regarding impacts to air quality during the various stages of the two year project.Based on our extensive experience with air quality monitoring during hospital renovation and demolition, Lawhon was asked to develop a testing program to document the proposed construction activities did not affect the air quality within the building or create a potential exposure concern for patients, visitors or staff arriving at the facility. L&A worked with the Hospital and the Construction Team to identify sampling locations and the testing frequency to best manage risk. Continuous, data logging PM10 sampling stations were installed at the demolition site and the NICU air intake to monitor fugitive dust emissions during all activities involving building demolition or site excavation. Data was evaluated and reported three times per week, with results submitted to the CM within 24 hours of download, so that adjustments could be made to work practices if spikes or elevations were observed. In addition, both stations were equipped with a visual strobe to alert construction personnel if PM10 concentrations exceeded the project-specific Action Level.Indoor air sampling was also performed on a weekly basis during courtyard demolition activities to ensure ventilation parameters and airborne concentrations of particulate and culturable mold remain within AIA design guidelines or recommendations presented in infection control literature. L&A continues to perform IAQ sampling on an as needed basis as the tower is constructed.