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Hazardous Materials Survey
Abatement Design/Specifications
On-Site Monitoring
Clearance Sampling
LEED SSc3 Documentation

Nelson Commons Renovation


Nelson Commons, located on the South Green at Ohio University, is a 151,000 square foot dining hall that serves between 1800 and 1900 meals each day. Prior to the $10M multi-phase renovation project, L&A was contracted directly by the University to conduct a hazardous building survey to identify materials that would be disturbed during renovation activities in food preparation and dining areas. The scope of Lawhon’s services included reviewing available historical information generated by other consultants and inspecting and sampling all accessible areas for the presence of asbestos-containing and other hazardous materials. Comprehensive reports were generated after each assessment, and included a detailed discussion of the location, type and quantity of asbestos-containing/hazardous materials identified and the estimated cost for abatement. A complete design package – including drawings, specification, bid documents and completion requirements – was prepared. Particular attention was given to coordination and scheduling of work, as well as appropriate engineering controls and work area isolation, to allow the kitchen to remain operational during work in the dining rooms. L&A assisted OU in the administration and analysis of bids, specifically in determining the capabilities of the successful bidder to accomplish the work. We also reviewed contractor submittals, facilitated abatement scheduling, attended weekly job meetings, documented daily abatement activities, collected daily environmental air-samples and performed final clearance inspections and clearance testing, for each project phase. L&A was also responsible for assembling all documentation necessary to close out the abatement work and preparing the executive summary letter required to obtain LEED Sustainable Sites Credit 3, Brownfield Redevelopment.