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Dr. William T. Lawhon, a family man, military veteran, scientist at Battelle Memorial Institute and entrepreneur, founded Lawhon & Associates in ...


Asbestos Survey
Mold Survey
Abatement Specification Design
On-Site Monitoring Clearance Sampling

Inn at Hocking College Renovation


During the planning phase, fungal growth was identified behind vinyl wall covering throughout the Guest Wing. The joint compound for the underlying drywall was also determined to contain asbestos. Lawhon, as a subconsultant to the design Architect, was contracted to assess building conditions to determine the appropriate course of action to remediate mold and asbestos-containing materials that would be impacted by the proposed renovation scope.Given that a comprehensive survey had already been completed, L&A focused our efforts on verifying field conditions and collecting additional samples of materials that were assumed or inaccessible during the initial study. The information obtained was first utilized to prepare a remediation budget number, estimated at $340,000, to aid the College and Design Team in finalizing the overall project scope. It was determined that the initial phase of the renovation project would focus on removing all hazardous materials from the Guest Wing. L&A prepared abatement specifications and associated drawings for inclusion in the construction documents. We also provided assistance during the bidding phase by answering bidder’s questions and qualifying the selected bidder. L&A is under contract to provide third party oversight, including clearance sampling, during abatement activities which are scheduled for the Fall of 2015.