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Noise Analysis


Qualitative MSAT Analysis

Interstate 77 Freeway Widening


The Ohio Department of Transportation, District 12, is proposing to add through travel lanes to I-77 from north of SR 21 interchange to the existing six-lane configuration at the Valley Parkway overpass of I-77. L&A was responsible for the Categorical Exclusion (CE) document and supporting studies, including Noise Analysis. Traffic generated noise levels were measured and predicted for five noise sensitive areas along the project corridor using the FHWA Transportation Noise Model (TNM) Version 2.5. Levels were modeled for the existing year 2018 and the design year 2038 Build alternative. TNM predicted traffic noise impacts in excess of 67 dBA at approximately 35 receptor sites during peak hour traffic. Because noise impacts were identified, L&A completed an evaluation of noise abatement measures, including their effect on noise reduction, number of dwellings benefited, cost of abatement and views of the impacted residents, which was presented in a Noise Wall Preliminary Placement Plan (NWPPP). It was determined that none of the evaluated noise barrier walls would be both a feasible and a reasonable noise abatement measure, and therefore none were recommended for the project. ODOT OES concurred with L&A’s conclusion that no additional noise analysis or consideration of noise abatement measures was required for the proposed project.