Historic/Architecture Resource Evaluation

Historic Buildings Survey


L&A completed an Intensive Level Architectural Survey and Evaluation Report on buildings, structures, and ranges, forty years and older, located on Ohio Army National Guard (OHARNG) owned properties. These facilities were located at 30 separate OHARNG facilities located in 27 counties throughout the State of Ohio. L&A performed archival level research, completed the field survey, developed an historic context and evaluated architectural resources for this project. Sufficient data was collected on all historic resources in order to evaluate eligibility for inclusion, either individually or as part of a district, in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). Armories were also considered for eligibility as multiple property listings. During the field work for this project, new Ohio Historic Inventory (OHI) forms were completed on all buildings and structures that were not previously documented. A total of eighteen armories throughout the state were found to be eligible for inclusion in the NRHP as a multiple property listings. In addition, the OHARNG facilities at Akron-Hawkins and the former CD-78 NIKE missile site in Oxford were recommended as historic districts eligible for the NRHP. The report was submitted to the Ohio Historic Preservation Office and is used by OHARNG for purposes of planning and facility maintenance.