Cultural Resource Records Review
Ecological Resource Records Review

Greenwich Wind-Powered Electric Generation Facilities


The proposed Greenwich Wind Farm is located in Huron County, Ashland County and Richland County in North Central Ohio. Windlab proposes to install 25 turbines, a substation and various construction and access roads located across approximately 4,600 acres. L&A, as a subconsultant to the civil/survey lead, was contracted to perform a cultural and ecological resource records review of the 5 mile (93,000 acre) study area. The findings of the study identified 83 Ohio Archaeological Inventory (OAI) sites, 103 Ohio Historic Inventory (OHI) sites, 4 National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), 5 Determination of Eligibility (DOE) sites, 1 Historic Bridge Inventory Site, 37 cemeteries, 7 parks and recreational areas, multiple streams/rivers, lakes/ponds, reservoirs, and swamps/marches as indicated on the National Hydrology Dataset (NHD), freshwater emergent wetlands, freshwater forested/shrub wetlands, freshwater ponds, lakes, and riverine as indicated on the National Wetland Inventory (NWI) and woods on hydric soil, open water, shallow marches, shrub/scrub wetlands, wet meadows, and farmed wetlands as indicated on the Ohio Wetland Inventory (OWI). A formal report of findings, including associated mapping, was prepared for inclusion in the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) Application. All activities were performed to fulfill Chapter 4906: 17-08(D) (Cultural Impact) Application Filing Requirements (Stage One of Four).