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Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI) Assessment
Sediment Sampling


Categorical Exclusion
ESA Screening
Level 1 Ecological Survey
Section 106 RFR
Waterway Permitting

Granger Dam Removal


The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), District 3, is proposing to remove a 6-foot-tall dam in the North Branch Rocky River. The dam removal is proposed as stream mitigation for impacts associated with an intersection improvement project on Granger Road. The dam was constructed in 1920 to provide water supply and is located adjacent to the formally operational Medina Water Works facility. L&A completed an Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI) Assessment for the river as part of the ecological survey. The IBI sampling was conducted throughout an approximate 1,400 linear foot reach of the river using electrofishing methods. The sampling effort resulted in the collection of 22 fish species. Concurrently, L&A completed sampling for hazardous materials in the sediment accumulation behind the dam. L&A is also responsible for the Categorical Exclusion document and supporting studies, including Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), ecology, cultural resources and permitting. The project is still in the coordination stages with the dam removal proposed in 2016.