IAQ Sampling
Infection Control Risk Mitigation

Facility Renovations


As part of a multi-million dollar surgical renovation project at St. Ann’s Hospital, Mount Carmel Health System (MCHS) wished to develop and implement a monitoring program to ensure the air quality in Surgery and Central Sterile were not compromised during construction work. L&A met with stakeholders (Infection Control, Design & Construction, Facility Services and the Construction Team) to review objectives and discuss program components. Based on the hospital’s objectives, a program to evaluate airborne particle and mold concentrations during critical stages and perform periodic inspections to identify potential issues (construction debris in hospital spaces, containment barrier deficiencies, and moisture/mold issues) was developed. This program became the model for all future construction projects in sensitive patient areas at Mt Carmel East, Mt. Carmel West, St. Ann’s Hospital and the New Albany Surgical Center. Since its implementation in 2005, L&A has been responsible for designing and implementing project specific air monitoring plans on more than 25 major renovation and building addition projects in sensitive patient care areas. As part of this effort, comprehensive reports, including the Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) inspection form and a summary of particle monitoring or mold air sampling data, are prepared and provided to the construction team and the hospital within 24 hours of the site visit, or receipt of analytical results, to allow for prompt corrective action, when required. The existing program and reporting process were updated to meet requirements outlined in the 2006 and 2010 editions of the Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities published by American Institute of Architects (AIA).