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LEED IAQ Testing (EQc3.2)

ETM Division Suite Renovation


L&A was contracted to perform indoor air quality testing to meet LEED EQ Credit 3.2 requirements at the completion of a 26,000 square foot building renovation to add office and laboratory space on the 3rd floor of the River Campus building. This project was unique in that the space would be serviced by new ductwork tied to the existing HVAC system. Based on the configuration of the space and systems, L&A determined that three sample locations were necessary. Sampling was performed, during weekend hours to facilitate the construction schedule, for carbon monoxide, inhalable particulate (PM10), formaldehyde and total volatile organic compounds; testing for 4-phenylcyclohexane was not required after a review of the carpet flooring submittals. Monitoring and analytical results indicated all parameters were below the maximum concentration limit specified by USGBC, confirming low emitting materials were specified and installed and the construction team employed a successful construction IAQ management plan.