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Ecological Resources Walkover
Phase I Indiana Bat Habitat Assessment

Driving Park Recreation Center


L&A served as a subconsultant to the design firm responsible for the architecture and planning of the proposed Driving Park Recreation Center. The project involves the expansion of the present facility and construction of a community pool. In order to complete the project, it was necessary to clear an adjacent 2 acre wood lot. The scope of our services included a desktop evaluation of mapping resources and a literature review to determine if any known sensitive ecological resources were present on the approximately two (2) acre woodlot adjacent to the existing recreation center. Following the review, an ecological resources walkover and Phase I Indiana Bat Habitat Assessment was completed at the site. The purpose of thesite visit was to ground truth the information gathered from the mapping resources and determine the presence or absence of any jurisdictional waters or isolated wetlands. A bat habitat assessment was also completed to identify any potential suitable summer roost habitat for the Indiana bat and/or the northern long-eared bat. It was determined that the project area did not contain any jurisdictional waters or isolated wetlands, however potential bat roosting habitat were present. The identified trees were recorded in the field using a GPS unit and clearly identified for removal during the winter seasonal clearing dates.