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Threatened/Endangered Species Survey


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ESA Screening
Level 1 Ecological Survey
Section 106 RFR Waterway Permitting

Riverview Road Culvert Repairs


The Ohio Department of Transportation, District 12, is proposing to raise the elevation of the roadway and replace the existing buried culvert and two pairs of floodplain culverts to reduce flooding along Riverview Road. The project is located in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP) in Brecksville, Ohio. L&A was tasked with completing the Level 1 Ecological Survey for the project in its role as the lead environmental consultant. After coordination of the ecological survey report with state and federal agencies, ODNR requested that a survey for the Spotted Turtle (Clemmys guttata), a threatened species in the state of Ohio, be performed as suitable habitat was believed to be located within the study area. L&A obtained the services of a herpetologist and assisted with the placement of traps in locations where turtles were likely to inhabit. No turtles were found during the survey, therefore impacts to this species were avoided.