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Vapor Intrusion Study


Hazardous Building Materials Survey
Phase I ESA
Phase II ESA

Central Outpost Facility


Lawhon was selected, as a subconsultant to the architect, to provide environmental consulting services for the McKinley Avenue Facility. This project involves a combination of renovation, demolition and construction for the new Central Outpost Facility. In addition to performing the hazardous building materials survey, L&A was tasked with performing environmental site assessments given the the historic use of the property.The Phase II Site Investigation identified mercury in a groundwater sample collected at the site at concentrations that exceeded the USEPA Vapor Intrusion Screening Level (VISL). Based on these findings, L&A recommended that a vapor intrusion (VI) study be performed to evaluate the VI pathway for mercury at this building. L&A collected both sub-slab and indoor air samples in accordance with the Ohio EPA Sample Collection and Evaluation of Vapor Intrusion to Indoor Air Guidance Document. The findings of L&A’s assessment indicated that the VI pathway was incomplete and further action was not warranted to protect future occupants from exposure to mercury vapors.