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Hazardous Materials Survey
Abatement Design/Specifications
Onsite Monitoring
Clearance Sampling

Capital Improvement Project


L&A was selected to provide hazardous materials assessment, design and construction administration services for the demolition of five buildings: Central Elementary, New Haven Elementary, Richmond Elementary, Willard Middle School and Willard High School. Utilizing the OFCC/OSFC Enhanced Environmental Hazard Assessment reports, L&A was able to focus the building survey on areas that were not accessible or materials that were assumed during the EEHA. Following the completion of assessments for each school, L&A prepared survey reports that compiled both historical and data collected during L&A’s assessment. These reports were utilized to complete abatement design specifications and associated drawings.Five separate bid packages were prepared, with demolition of the middle school during the summer of 2013 and the demolition of all other buildings during the summer of 2015. L&A assisted the District in the administration of the abatement bid phase, analysis of the bids received and review of contractor submittals for each facility. We provided oversight during abatement activities and conducted visual inspections and air clearance sampling to ensure all work areas met AHERA/EPA clearance criteria. Following the completion of the each project phase, L&A prepared closeout documents for the District’s and L&A’s records. Each project phase was completed on schedule and within the budget estimated during the assessment phase.