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Cultural Resource Literature Review
Ecological Resource Walkover

Campus Improvement Project


The Ohio State University in Mansfield is planning to improve campus accessibility by relocating the Lexington-Springmill Road entrance and installing signage. As part of development process, L&A served as a subconsultant to the landscape architecture firm responsible for designing the roadway and main entrance. The scope of L&A’s services included a desktop review of mapping resources and a literature review to determine if any previously recorded sensitive resources are known to occur within the vicinity of the study area. Following the review, L&A ecologists completed a site walkover for the proposed road alignment to identify streams, wetlands and potential roost habitat for the federally endangered Indiana Bat and federally threatened Northern Long-eared Bat. The site visit revealed the presence of potentially jurisdictional wetlands and potential bat roost habitat. The boundary of all wetlands and location of each potential roost tree was mapped in the field using handheld GPS units capable of sub-meter accuracy. The information obtained will be utilized by the design firm during project planning and design to minimize impacts.