Hazardous Materials Survey
Mold Survey
IAQ Assessment
Remediation Plan Development
Onsite Monitoring
Clearance Sampling

Alden Library HVAC Upgrades, Phase 3


L&A, as a subconsultant to the MEP Engineer, was selected to provide environmental consulting services during Phase 3 of the HVAC Infrastructure Project at Alden Library. The scope of this project included the remediation of interior ductwork lining associated with air handling units 7, 8 and 9 and the installation of new ceilings, lights and other appurtenances on floors four through seven of the east wing. L&A was tasked with performing an environmental assessment to determine the extent of fungal contamination and evaluate whether this growth had compromised the air quality in the building. We also performed a survey to identify hazardous building materials that may be disturbed by the proposed renovation scope. Mold remediation, asbestos abatement and duct cleaning specifications – as well as associated drawings – were prepared. Given the valuable items stored in the Rare Book Vault and the continued use of the facility, L&A’s design incorporated administrative and engineering controls to minimize dust generation, isolate work areas from adjacent occupied space and protect contents. L&A provided full-time oversight, collected and analyzed environmental PCM samples and conducted final clearance inspections and sampling during the abatement of asbestos-containing materials. Air sampling for mold was also performed on impacted floors at the completion of duct replacement to validate the air quality remained acceptable. Upon completion of Phase 3, L&A reviewed existing environmental data for the facility and designed a comprehensive IAQ sampling plan to determine whether similar contamination issues existed within AHUs 1 through 6 and their associated distribution systems. A report detailing current building conditions and recommended, prioritized action items was prepared, and later communicated to key stakeholders during a formal presentation of findings.