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Environmental Compliance Monitoring
Soil/Groundwater Sampling

I-75 Reconstruction


The 1-75 Reconstruction project involves the upgrade of a 2.5 mile section of urban I-75 in the City of Toledo. The environmental site assessments conducted during the project planning phase determined portions of the construction project are over the North Cove Landfill. To comply with the Ohio Administrative Code 3745-27-13 (Rule 13) and the associated Ohio EPA authorization, ODOT required that a qualified environmental professional be onsite during construction activities that may disturb or release contaminated soil and groundwater. Lawhon was selected to provide this service under our District 2 On Call Agreement. As directed, L&A is on site during the following activities that may have the potential to impact the landfill area: removal of existing embankment and placement of new clean fill in association with the realignment of the interstate, installation of guardrail posts, installation of foundations for sign supports and lighting and installation of drilled shaft support noise walls within a 300 foot radius of the landfill boundary/footprint. Each day, L&A collects photographs of site conditions and prepares field notes summarizing construction activities and observations made. When suspect landfill material, soil or groundwater contamination is encountered during excavation, L&A has collected samples and provided recommendations relative to material handling and disposal. L&A is also preparing all necessary Ohio EPA documentation and is coordinating with the Northwest District Office personnel on behalf of ODOT as required by the Rule 13 Authorization.