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Justin Zink, RPA

Practice Leader, Cultural Resources

Mr. Zink is a Principal Investigator with more than 15 years of cultural resource management experience.  Justin meets the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for a Qualified Professional and is well-versed in Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act and its various applications.  He has extensive experience leading Phase I, Phase II and Phase III archaeological investigations throughout Ohio and the surrounding states, including those involving submerged cultural resources, with expertise in research, field survey, artifact analysis, curation, technical writing and agency coordination.  Mr. Zink is also skilled at managing multi-disciplined project assignments that have history/architecture requirements and preparing and negotiating Memorandums of Agreement to mitigate adverse effects to prehistoric and historic resources.  Justin is a Registered Professional Archaeologist and is prequalified by the Ohio Department of Transportation and numerous State Historic Preservations Offices in the field of Archaeology.


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